Techmot is a company with more than 25 years of market experience, specializing in sales and production consulting for agricultural companies. Brand products are based on natural raw materials, authorized in organic farming, and are supplied to agricultural holdings (fertilizers) and to feed companies (fodder chalk and magnesium oxide).


Up to this point visual communication has not reflected the brand as a trusted and able to help in all conditions expert in its field.

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The change in visual communication was preceded by a gradual and consistent brand strategy, which has given priority to one of the company’s main areas of activity: soil remediation.

Years of experience in this area have made Techmot an expert in its field, whose priority is to deliver the highest quality products and services.


As part of our brand’s new concept, we have designed a system of signs and icons to update and organize a fairly complex brand architecture, where the brand’s services, product categories and products have met.

We have proposed visual communication consistent with the umbrella brand (Techmot), thus created a portfolio of brand-marks in a way, that the primary sign does not always have to be present in order to preserve image integrity.

We proposed a new name for the priority soil regeneration program: THE SOIL RENEW (GRUNT OD NOWA), which has also become the name of the Foundation founded by Techmot.

techmot znaki uslugowe

techmot znaki kategorii produktowych

fundacja grunt od nowa znak


The brand’s new visual communication system has been developed coherently with the sign system and based on its characteristic graphic elements such as icons or typography. This created original infographics to illustrate the key issues in Techmot’s range, and the distinctive elements (shapes, colors) also appeared in, among other things, brand communication in social media.

Thanks to this we were able to design original infographics to illustrate the most important issues in the Techmot brand offer. Characteristic elements (shapes, colors) also appeared in brand’s communication in social media.

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Each of the developed elements of the Techmot brand image has been systematized by us in the form of transparent rules, which you can find in a full brand book has been prepared for the trademark. It presents the general rules for coherent visual communication in traditional and digital channels.

As a result, an instruction was created to understand the ideas and to further develop the brand’s visual communication.

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